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Guided Sharpening

For a tool to cut well, it's important that not only the cutting edge is sharp, but the cutting angle is correct as well. Each of our sharpeners is designed for the particular tool and the built-in Location Guide takes the guesswork out of sharpening the blade correctly



Cylinder Mower Sharpener

It’s the straight-across measure from one side of the cylinder blades to the other side ie. not along the curved blades.
See Cylinder Mowers

No. You will sharpen the cylinder blades unevenly.

Choose the next up in size. The aluminium can be easily cut down to the size you need with a metal saw, eg 12” size for a 10” mower. Full instructions on how to do this are included with each product.

Shear & Scissor Sharpener

No, but it sharpens many pairs of shears, and usually lasts for at least 3 seasons.

Secateur & Lopper Sharpener

It resharpens 12-15 fully blunt secateurs. The abrasive is not replaceable.

Drill Bit Sharpener

Yes, but the sharpening will take longer because of the slower speed of the cordless versus a mains drill.

Chainsaw Sharpening Kit

The instruction manual usually states the chainsaw size (pitch). Otherwise look at any three consecutive rivets on your chain and measure the distance in inches between the centres of the two outer ones (ignore the middle one). Divide this distance by 2. eg if the measure is ½” the pitch is ¼”.
See Chainsaw Sharpener Kit

Round file: depending on chainsaw length (ie. number of cutters), should last 2 gardening seasons. Flat file: many years
Replacement files available

2in1 Knife & Scissor Sharpener

Only for the knife sharpening contact Customer Service. The scissor sharpening carbide is not replaceable.

Wetstone Chisel & Plane Blade Sharpener

A powered sharpener will sharpen a blunt chisel quickly, but there’s a good chance that the fine cutting edge will become very hot against a dry grinding wheel. The steel will then lose its temper (strength), the chisel will ‘blue’, and need to be reground. Water-cooling prevents this.

Yes, but the sharpening will take longer because of the slower speed of the cordless versus a mains drill.

Other product questions

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