Diamond Tool Sharpener

Diamond Tool Sharpener


Three diamond sharpening surfaces – flat, ½ round and groove – put a razor-sharp edge on a wide range of tools

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Puts a razor-sharp edge on a wide range of tools:
  • DIY: Multi-tool blades, penknives, carbide tile-cutters, pointed tools. etc
  • Garden: Secateurs & loppers
  • House: Scissors, knives, smoothing glassware chips
  • Sports: Darts, fishhooks

Diamond Surfaces

  • The 3 surfaces – flat, ½ round and groove – have thousands of industrial grade diamond particles bonded to a steel alloy. They are very long lasting; retain their flatness and sharpen the hardest materials incl. carbide, ceramic & stainless steel. Diamond rod length: 6.7cm/2.6″

Anodised Aluminium Case

  • Protects the diamond rod when not in use.
  • Knurled nut locks the diamond rod at any length. Product length retracted: 13.8cm/5.4″

Recommended in the well-known book ‘The Garden Expert’ by Dr Hessayon.

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